G.N Quality Projects Inc. is a real-estate company, active since 2001, which specializes in entrepreneurship, development and completion of public projects and large-scale commercial and residential projects throughout Israel.

The company's founders, owners and managers are Nisan Said and Guy Shuvi, both with extensive experience in the field of construction and both qualified and certified contractors.
The company has accumulated significant renown and experience, enabling its customers to enjoy a high-quality and compromise-free level of construction. The company holds an unlimited G5 contractor license and has built over 200,000 Sq. meters of commercial and industrial buildings as well as hundreds of residential units in various projects throughout Israel. The company has a workforce of 70 employees.
Thanks to a combination of knowledge and experience obtained by the company's management and workers, our customers are given a comprehensive and professional service, accompanied by best-practice management of each project combining specialties and skills from several domains. The company employs a wide staff ranging from office personal to engineers, foremen, and skilled and experienced operators and laborers, which are the company's most important asset. In order carry out a project the company employs first-rate manpower, skilled and experienced in the field, which ensures the quality of the end result and the meeting of the project goals, deadlines and set budget.

A combination of performance abilities, business vision based on the highest standards, non-compromising professionalism, which lingers on the smallest details, high quality professional staff and most importantly – an outlook which is founded upon credibility, reliability and transparency – all ensure the company reputation and enable the company to complete the projects it undertakes with unique excellence. 

  1.       Carrying through of civil engineering construction and renovation projects in high-quality, in conformity with the law and regulations, specifications, plans and customer expectations.
  2.       All activities undertaken under the quality policy will include and oblige all company employees and will be conducted in accordance with legal frameworks.
  3.       All workers and managers are obliged to carry through their tasks and requirements under the quality policy.


The company builds in the highest professional standards, while keeping to the planned schedules and budgets and its customers' satisfaction. 


Our innovative and diverse means of production enable the company to be independent in carrying out its projects and ensure the highest quality. 


In their many years of experience, Nisan Said and Guy Shuvi have accumulated practical knowledge by building hundreds of residential apartments, as well as industrial and public buildings.